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Can a tattoo block an epileptic seizure?

John Rogers creates electronics that are built for the human body—flexible, wearable, safe and powerful. Powerful enough to sense and head off seizures, protect hockey players from concussions or even run a pacemaker. Small (very small) packages. Big possibilities.

what if you had robots guarding your bloodstream?

Rashid Bashir and his team are building biobots—microscopic machines made on a 3-D printer and powered by human muscle cells. Whether they’re cruising your bloodstream to deliver medicine directly to infected cells or calling an ambulance before your brain even knows you’re sick, these machines are definitely on your side.

Can tiny stents bridge the gap in brain injuries?

Xiuling Li and her team build stents only a few microns big that can speed up and direct neuron growth. These tiny structures might someday be a big help to those with Alzheimer’s or traumatic brain injury.