Policy for requests to defer matriculation


Accepted applicants may request a one year deferral of matriculation. Written requests for deferral should be submitted as early as possible, but will be accepted no later than May 1. Deferral requests after May 1 must receive permission from the Admissions Committee to be considered.

Written requests are limited to 500 words and should be sent by email to Carle Illinois College of Medicine admissions with the header “deferral request”. Possible deferral circumstances include but are not limited to illness, unanticipated family hardship, meaningful educational or innovation opportunities, or military service. Requests will be considered and voted on by the full Admissions Committee. Candidates will be informed of the decision by the end of May.

If deferral is approved, any scholarship money that was part of the applicant’s original offer cannot be guaranteed on the new matriculation date. Deferred candidates must meet all the requirements of the year they matriculate. If granted a deferral of admission, the student is not permitted to subsequently apply to other medical schools. AMCAS requires all accepted students who are granted a deferral to submit a new AMCAS application for the year they will be matriculating. The deferred student is not required to pay a fee to AMCAS if they are committed to Carle Illinois College of Medicine and will not be applying to other schools during the application cycle. If a deferred student intends to apply to other medical schools, they will be responsible for all AMCAS fees associated with their application and forfeit their deferred admission to Carle Illinois College of Medicine.

If a deferral is granted, in order to guarantee their place in the new class applicants must submit a letter of intent to matriculate, specifying the effective date of matriculation, to the Carle Illinois Office of Student Affairs at least by January 15 of the new year of matriculation.

Policy revised April 21, 2020.