Our engineering-infused medical education will produce physician-innovators and physician-leaders who think critically about the greatest health care challenges of our time — and create innovative solutions to dramatically improve human health. From day one, they are trained to approach medicine as a problem-solver and curious thinker, positioned to lead a career that will continually produce solutions to current unknowns in health care.

Foundational support for the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, means playing an active and critical role in fueling healthcare innovation. By investing in highly competent and compassionate students with curious and creative minds, you ensure that they are equipped to tackle the health care challenges we so desperately need them to solve. Support redefined medical education so we can revolutionize healthcare delivery.

Paradigm-shifting Curriculum

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s paradigm-shifting curriculum is the first in the world to integrate engineering principles in teaching medicine. Our four-pillar approach infuses basic and clinical sciences, engineering and innovation and medical humanities seamlessly into all four years. The physician-innovators who graduate from our program will be uniquely equipped to tackle the greatest health challenges of our time.

Case-driven, Problem-based Active Learning

Students will train beyond theory — starting at week one — through case-driven, problem-based active learning sessions alongside medical education facilitators. Rather than engaging in rote memorization for their first two years, Carle Illinois students will tackle real-life medical cases — identifying the unknown, mastering the information, and linking arms with their peers to solve each case. With the guidance of their medical education facilitator, students will become not only active participants but independent drivers of their growing medical acumen and understanding.

Early Clinical Experience

Carle Illinois students gain clinical experience from day one, compared to year-two in traditional medical schools. This provides hands-on clinical experience to complement their classroom education, bringing concepts to life beyond theory. Fostering relationships and credibility with practicing physicians will prepare students well for their clerkship rotations.

Medical Education Facilitators

Medical education facilitators walk hand-in-hand with Carle Illinois students throughout the duration of their medical education. Each facilitator will lead an eight-student cohort through medical cases during their problem-based learning sessions and guide students in actively applying what they learn through immersive clinical experience at the start of their education. Each facilitator brings a rich background of research, teaching, technology or medicine. At the heart of the facilitator experience is a commitment to training students to become self-learners in the classroom and innovative problem-solvers in medicine.

Capstone Project

The notion of a future physician-innovator takes form with the capstone project where Carle Illinois students will create real solutions to the complex healthcare challenges. Each year, students will develop Innovation, Design, Engineering and Analysis (IDEA) projects aimed at solving a critical issue in healthcare delivery. These IDEA projects will culminate in a single capstone project — a potentially translational solution that could make a quick and lasting impact on the future of human health.

Does this speak to your vision of engineering-based medicine?