Access to medical education has never been so critical.

Our most pressing global health challenges demand solutions from the brightest minds. Democratizing health innovation begins with enabling competent, compassionate, curious and creative minds to train as next generation physician-innovators and physician-leaders. The Carle Illinois College of Medicine is designed to do just this.

Recruiting the Top 32

Building on the momentum of a stellar inaugural class, we must recruit the next 32 highly-qualified students to begin their four-year engineering-based medical education at Carle Illinois in Fall 2019. With exacting pre-requisites, we are recruiting students with high levels of quantitative and computational skills in addition to strong backgrounds in biology, chemistry/biochemistry, mathematics/statistics, physics and social sciences. Equally important as scholarly excellence are applicants’ demonstration of The Four C’s: compassion, competence, curiosity and creativity.

For the success of our new engineering-based medical education program, it is essential that we successfully recruit the best and brightest students. We will be competing with other premier medical schools across the country for these top incoming students.

Merit-based Scholarships

Annual tuition is approximately $52,500 (in-state) to $64,600 (out-of-state) per student, on par with other privately funded medical schools. Private funds are needed to provide substantial merit-based scholarship packages. Scholarships will allow the Carle Illinois College of Medicine to be competitive in recruiting the very best incoming class.

Support for these scholarships makes an immediate and visible difference in a medical student’s life and helps ensure the highest quality class of physician innovators. Together we will build the foundation for a revolutionary new kind of doctor, enhancing the community and impacting the world through new medical breakthroughs and innovations.

Foundational support for recruiting stellar Carle Illinois College of Medicine students is the start of a very special legacy.

Be the reason the next generation of innovative minds will revolutionize healthcare delivery.