Welcome to Carle Illinois

Welcome to the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. We’re so glad you’re here and we look forward to building the world’s first engineering-based college of medicine together.

We’ve outlined some information to help you get started as you onboard with us. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please contact our human resources team.

Once your appointment is fully processed (this may take 10-15 business days) and active, you will be able to get a campus I-Card. I-Cards can be obtained only by visiting the campus I-Card office located in the Illini Union Bookstore, 809 S. Wright St. Please bring a photo ID with you, such as a driver’s license.

Your I-Card will allow you access to the vast University Library system, free MTD bus service, Campus Rec Membership, and various discounts. More information about the benefits of the I-Card is available here.

Through the new-hire system, you were asked to establish a NetID and password.

Your Network ID (NetID) is a network login assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services.

Your NetID is the part of your e-mail address before the @ symbol. For example, if your email address were johndoe@illinois.edu, your netid would be johndoe. Your NetID has a password associated with it, this password is commonly called your NetID password. It may also be referred to as your Active Directory password.

Many important secure University services will ask for your NetID to find out who you are and your NetID password to verify that you are who you say you are. Of all your computing passwords, your NetID password is particularly important because of the type of services it controls access to and the sensitive personal information that can be accessed if your password is compromised.

If you need to reset your password or modify your password recovery options, please follow the instructions here.

Two-Factor Authentication is an important tool that the University uses to protect data and your account on campus.

How does 2FA work?
Duo Security is the campus provider of 2FA. Once you login with a NetID and password, Duo sends a request to confirm that you are who you say you are via mobile phone notification, phone call, or by another method. Accepting this confirmation informs Duo that you are a legitimate user of campus services. The process takes just a few clicks or taps.

How Do I Enroll in 2FA?
If you recently went through the new-hire process, you are already enrolled in Duo.  If you have already enrolled in Duo, you do not need to enroll again.

To enroll in Duo for the first time and get information on how to download the Duo mobile app, visit https://verify.uillinois.edu/
Once you have enrolled in Duo and downloaded the app, complete a 2FA opt-in form.
Find a self-enrollment guide at https://answers.uillinois.edu/internal/page.php?id=65947

Faculty and staff are provided with Exchange accounts for email, calendar services, and task lists. You can access your email by logging in to Webmail using your NetID and password.

For setting up your Exchange (Office365) account on a mobile device, Technology Services recommends the following Microsoft support document.

Box is the University of Illinois’ cloud service storage (file) solution. To set up your U of I box account,

  • Start here and select “Sign Up”
  • After logging in with your NetID, activate your Box account by click on the “On” switch if it is not already turned on (green = on)
  • Accept the Box Enterprise invitation sent to your Illinois email account by clicking on the link.

Benefits of using U of I Box:

  • Secure file storage in the cloud
  • Individual storage accounts are larger than other cloud services: Unlimited online storage for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Team Folder accounts are permanent for units, groups, and departments
  • Provides secure legal storage for FERPA data
  • Allows secure file sharing within or outside of the U of I network

If you wish to request a Team Folder that will belong permanently to your group or department, see U of I Box, Information and Requesting Shared Team Folders

Please note that while U of I Box is certified for the storage of FERPA-protected data (grades, assignments, etc.), U of I Box should NOT be used to store banking information, passwords, SSNs or other data classified as High Risk by the university’s Data Classification standard. (see https://cybersecurity.uillinois.edu/data_classification)

Exception: For data that relates to HIPAA compliance, there is now a method by which Box may be used to store Protected Health Information (PHI). You MAY NOT use your personal Illinois Box account for this purpose, but if you have a need for this type of storage, you may begin the process of obtaining a folder that is approved by the university for this purpose, by visiting https://hipaa.uillinois.edu/protecting-phi-with-box-health-data-folders.

IllinoisNet is the primary wireless network on campus. It is a WPA2 secure wireless network that will allow you to access online campus resources. In most cases, once you properly configure your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to connect to IllinoisNet, you will be able to automatically connect to IllinoisNet anywhere on campus without having to log in again.

For most people connecting to IllinoisNet, you will simply enter your NetID and password when prompted; however, if you experience problems connecting, please consult the instructions in the Tech Services KnowledgeBase article.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine also has an Intranet accessible using your NetID/password. The Intranet houses a plethora of resources and is accessible here:

A link to the Intranet is also in the footer of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s public website.

Faculty in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine have the opportunity to positively impact the learning environment and student experience. Below are links to eight documents with important information related to responsibilities and expectations as a faulty member in the college. Two documents, Student Contact and Duty Hours Policy, and, Preventing Health Services Providers from Academically Evaluating Medical Students Policy are intended for clinical faculty only, however they are included here for all faculty for informational purposes. Questions can be directed as appropriate, to CI MED Academic Affairs or CI MED Student Affairs.

Faculty members in the college also enjoy faculty rights and privileges such as the ability to vote on faculty matters in the college, as well as the opportunity to participate in faculty assemblies, committees and working groups. The CI MED faculty by-laws are available here

Once your appointment is fully applied in our system, you will be able to edit your profile on the University’s main directory.   Simply search your name, click on the result, and then click on the pencil icon (top right area of the screen.) This will allow you to customize your profile in the University’s directory, if you wish to do so (not required.)

My UI Info enables University employees to securely view and update their personal and employment information.

  • Access My Profile If you have discovered that certain information displayed about you is incorrect, follow the instructions below to update your information.  Some information can be changed yourself.  Other types of information may require assistance from your Human Resources or University Benefit and Payroll contacts.
  • Access My Pay for Employment information such as Direct Deposit, W-4 forms, Earning statements, W-2/Tax statements
  • Access My Employment for employment verification systems and Notice of appointments
  • Access My Education to update your education & certification history

General Carle Illinois College of Medicine Library Information
General Medical Biomedical Library Information
Library Guide for CI Med Faculty
Library Guide for CI Med Students

University of Illinois Library website
To find a selection, enter your search terms in the “Easy Search” box, search and find your item, select “Request,” then chose ‘Campus Mail’ and the book will be delivered to your office.

Your Library Borrower ID is on your I-Card, next to “Library #.” You will have to take the book to a library drop-off when the book is to be returned.

Campus Parking website
Parking maps, lots, meters, special parking, payment mobile app, and winter parking information.

The Mass Transit District serves the campus and the communities of Champaign, Urbana, and portions of Savoy. With your I-Card, you can ride the bus for free. Routes and schedules can be found on their website.