The Health Maker Lab at Illinois is a fabrication lab network where the only limit to harnessing technology to improve human health is your imagination. Students and citizen scientists alike can collaborate, ideate and create unique solutions to global health challenges by prototyping anything at any scale – from molecules to cells to tissues to systems. Tap into unprecedented resources and support for your innovations through the Health Maker Lab network, including multiple maker influencers around the Illinois campus, such as the Molecule Maker Lab, Bio Maker Lab, BioFab Lab, Electronics Fab Lab, Microelectrical Mechanical Systems, and Soft Materials Characterization Lab.

Whatever you dream, you can make.

The Health Maker Lab is about empowering ideas, families, communities and ultimately the world to design and make the world healthier. Our network of design and maker spaces allows failure through rapid prototyping and modular construction.

“The Health Maker Lab empowers Carle Illinois students to invent tomorrow’s healthcare. Carle Illinois students are charged with a simple task – find a problem and make an impact. With the Health Maker Lab, they are limited only by their own imaginations.” – Marty Burke, associate dean for research

Step into your identity as a physician-innovator by engineering new solutions to global health challenges alongside world-class research mentors to improve human health and well-being.

Dream it. Make it. Only at the Health Maker Lab.

Meet the Carle Illinois Research Mentors.