After phase one of your Carle Illinois medical education, you have the opportunity to push pause and go all-in on finding a solution to an unmet medical need. The Pioneering Health Scholars Program is a one- to two-year program through which  you can immerse yourself in solving a specific health challenge of your choice.


As a Carle Illinois student, you will observe numerous global health challenges. And, you might be exposed to a problem that requires your time, energy, and passion for an extended period.

Maybe you’ve observed an unmet medical need during your global community immersion experience, and the relationships you’ve formed are opening doors to developing a solution.

Maybe you’ve witnessed an everyday medical challenge during your clinical immersion experience. You’ve identified a better way to care for patients and pausing to develop a timely solution will have a ripple effect in healthcare delivery.

Maybe you’ve identified a not-yet-imagined research opportunity with a Research Mentor. Your action would fuel a breadth and depth of understanding to a common health challenge, inching humanity closer to overcoming a current barrier to human health.

Whatever opportunity you’ve identified, we believe you need freedom and time to follow your passion and instincts to discover something extraordinary. The Pioneering Health Scholars Program allows you to remove any barriers that would stop you from making transformational advances in human health.

Learn more about the Pioneering Health Scholars Program from Dr. Marty Burke, interim associate dean for research, in the video below.