Your partnership in providing scholarships will have a ripple effect on the future of healthcare.

Training the physician-innovators of the future starts with recruiting the right students. Ours are not only brilliant, they’re also compassionate, creative problem solvers.

When the right students are partnered with an active learning environment that’s human-centered, problem-based, and engineering-infused, the end-result is innovative, caring physicians ready to lead the way to better healthcare for all.

By partnering with Carle Illinois to provide scholarships, you are making a direct impact on the lives of these individuals, and in turn, impacting the future of healthcare delivery.

Meet our brilliant future physician-innovators

Christina Moawad, Carle Illinois College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Meet Christina, who, after seeing four of her siblings serve on the front lines as healthcare workers in New York City hospitals, partnered with her classmates to develop a novel concept to help reduce the need for PPE by 60%. Because of generous donors, Christina is attending Carle Illinois while being supported by a scholarship.

Meet Zachary, who overcame a family cycle of drug and alcohol abuse to join the inaugural class at Carle Illinois. Now in his third year, Zachary is preparing to provide compassionate care to those in the military. Because of generous donors, Zachary is thriving at Carle Illinois with a full, four-year tuition scholarship.

Meet Valerie and Elizabeth, who took early steps to partner with a team of physicians and researchers from across campus to develop new prototypes for PPE, facing the nationwide shortage head-on. Valerie and Elizabeth are also recipients of scholarships, thanks to generous donors who believed in their potential.

The students are just spectacular. They’re the cream of the medical school crop. Carle Illinois is attracting students who out-score and out-everything the students at much more established medical schools.

—Ronald Konchanin, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor and Generous Donor

In just two weeks, we are welcoming our third class of future physician-innovators and are already recruiting our fourth class. Scholarships help to remove any barriers to these individuals becoming future physician-innovators at Carle Illinois. With your generous partnership, you’ll be one of the reasons they can take another step closer to transforming the future of medicine.

Your gift of $250, $500, or $1000 will support our committed students, and will be matched by an anonymous donor up to 7%, increasing the impact where it is needed most.