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CURIOSITY Change doesn’t just happen. Through a unique blend of unwavering curiosity, determination and a giant leap into new ways of thinking, we challenge the status quo. Illinois researchers are passionate about discovery, inherently innovative, fueled by collaboration and constantly curious about everything. Take our new Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, for example. Innovative materials are the foundation of countless breakthrough technologies and we’ve created a place to develop them. The Center is supported by a six-year, $15.6 million award from the National Science Foundation, and led by Professor Nadya Mason. By building highly interdisciplinary teams of researchers and students, the Illinois Materials Research Center will focus on two types of materials. One group will study new magnetic materials, where ultra-fast magnetic variations could form the basis of smaller, more robust magnetic memory storage. The second group will design materials that can withstand bending and crumpling that typically destroys the properties of those materials and even create materials where crumpling enhances performance. “This is very fundamental research, but it could have enormous long-term impact for a variety of industries and for society,” said Mason. “If we can control the dynamics of these magnetic materials, we could revolutionize flash storage. And if we can make typically hard electronic materials ultra-flexible, we could create completely new wearable devices that could even interface with skin and cells. We will never stop being curious and striving to do things better because we know how critical this monumental shift in healthcare delivery is to our global population’s health.
COMPASSION The patients we serve today and those we’ll serve in the future deserve our best. The very best means achieving the highest-quality treatment and pushing for advances, but above all, it is caring. It is compassion. We are approachable, respectful, professional team players who always strive to be the solution. We deliver the compassionate care we want for our children, for our parents, for our partners/family and for ourselves. This level of compassion means when a family knows its soon-to-arrive baby girl has a cleft lip, they have the oral maxillofacial surgery medical director’s cell phone number so he can be there as soon as she is born. It means when the community’s low-income clinic EKG machine breaks, Carle cardiologists come together and buy a new EKG for that clinic. It means when a nurse from Kenya moves half way across the world to care for children here, two married Carle physicians invite her to live with their family while she becomes acclimated to her new job and new community. Carle gold stars are one small way we honor physicians who put our patients, and their families’ needs, first. We’re proud of the countless Carle physicians who exceed expectations. Last year alone, hundreds of patients took the time to thank their physician for providing this level of compassion by honoring them with a gold star pin. Compassion is who we are.
CREATIVITY We will develop unprecedented solutions to society’s most challenging healthcare delivery problems by collectively building on each other’s creative ideas. No barrier will impede us in making a positive impact on society. For us, that begins with a unique curriculum. We are the world’s first medical school to seamlessly integrate engineering principles in teaching medicine. Unlike traditional medical training which combines basic and clinical sciences, our four-pillar approach means basic sciences, clinical sciences, engineering and innovation, and medical humanities are infused to all four years of learning. We are able to do this by leveraging the vast expertise across the entire enterprise-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Carle Health System. Powering the curriculum will be you, your peers, and your faculty mentors. We will be challenged to think differently and act boldly. We will think of new solutions to seemingly impossible challenges-because we know there is a better way.