King Li, dean, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

King Li

Dean, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Chief Academic Officer, Carle Health System

Dr. King Li, MD, MBA, is a highly-regarded scholar who commands respect in his discipline and in the medical profession. Li enthusiastically engages faculty, disciplines and colleges across campus as well as physician colleagues at Carle and beyond in establishing the revolutionary college.

Li is a renowned researcher, educator, inventor and clinician in molecular imaging and radiology. Holding 16 patents, with another six pending, and four new invention disclosures since joining the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, he has a long track record of developing and commercializing intellectual property as well as setting up and administering large clinical and translational research programs.

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Assistant Dean for Accreditation & Assessment

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Executive Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer

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Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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Academic Affairs Coordinator - Curriculum, Evaluation and Assessment

Slauch, James

Director MSP/PHD program

Swigart, James

Anatomy Instructional Specialist

Thomas, Katie

Medical Education Program Specialist – Clinical

Vozenilek, John

JUMP Simulation Center Co-director

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Academic Skills Specialist

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Interim Director of Curriculum

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Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

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Director of Technology Innovation

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Application and System Engineer



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Associate Dean for Advancement

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Director of Advancement

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Office Manager