To define good standing status and the process for academic promotions.
Each student’s academic record will be reviewed regularly by the Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC). The SPPC will make determinations regarding the student’s academic progress and promotion. The Promotions and Graduation Policy defines promotional events in the curriculum for which SPPC will review all students. Although students will be considered individually on the basis of the merits of their circumstances, policies will be applied strictly. Departure from policies will be based only on documented compelling extenuating circumstances. Students who experience compelling extenuating circumstances that adversely affect their ability to study and focus on their medical education are advised to discuss them with and seek guidance from Carle Illinois College of Medicine (Carle Illinois) Student Affairs before they lead to academic failures.

Students anticipating adverse recommendations may supply written petitions and documentation to the Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC).

All adverse actions of the Carle Illinois Student Progress and Promotions Committee that affect a student’s progress may be appealed in the process outlined in the Grievances by Medical Student Policy.

Good standing:

Carle Illinois “good standing” denotes that a student is eligible to continue in or to return to the Doctor of Medicine program at Carle Illinois College of Medicine.

Please contactCarle Illinois Student Affairs (studentaffairs@medicine.illinois.edu) if you require a letter of good standing.

Satisfactory Academic Progress:

Carle Illinois students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive federal financial assistance as defined in the OSFA Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Note: A student may achieve good standing but not satisfactory academic progress.