To set expectations and define requirements for student participation and attendance in Phase 1 as defined in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s “Definitions Statement” curriculum activities.


1. Students are required to attend certain learning activities including:
a. Any session in which patients or standardized patients are physically present as part of the learning experience. If a student is not prepared for patient-related activities (e.g. is without required equipment or experience specific appropriate dress), the student will be asked to leave and counted as absent
b. Clinical skills sessions involving real or standardized patients
c. Small group sessions, including laboratory exercises
d. Problem-based learning sessions
e. Team-based learning sessions
f. Clinical simulation sessions
g. Assessment and examination sessions

2. Students are required to attend sessions identified as required on the course calendar, even if they are not included in the list above (1).

3. Students with a pattern of attendance that is inconsistent with the principles of this policy will be counseled by a faculty member or dean and may receive a professionalism evaluation.

4. During inclement weather, other emergencies, or anytime the university closes or cancels classes, Carle Illinois’ classroom-based classes will be canceled.


1. Absence Requests
a. For all absence requests from required sessions, students must submit an online absence request form as far in advance as possible. Students who request an absence from a required session and are absent from the session without having received approval of their request will be considered to have an unexcused absence.
b. Documentation of circumstances necessitating the absence may be requested. Students will have five (5) business days to provide documentation.
c. Consistent with university policy, examples of circumstances for which absences are often approved include.
i. Illness of a student, significant other, or immediate family member
ii. Death of a family member
iii. Student appointment with a health care professional
iv. Religious holiday
v. Presentation at a conference
vi. Student’s wedding, or wedding of an immediate family member
vii. Military service
viii. Court date
ix. Residency interview
x. Student representation on a Carle Illinois College of Medicine committee

2. Minimum Request Requirements Include:
a. In the case of unexpected illness or emergency absences from required sessions, students must submit notification no later than 24 hours after the missed session.
b. For clinical skills sessions involving real or standardized patients, a request for a discretionary absence must be received a minimum of one week before the scheduled session.

3. On-Time Arrival
a. Arrival time to required sessions may be monitored.
b. Students who arrive to sessions after the scheduled start time will be noted to be “tardy.”
c. In unusual circumstances (e.g., the previous classroom session ran over scheduled time) instructors may alter the definition of late arrival.

4. Unexcused Absence
a. In particular situations, unexcused absence from a session may result in a student being responsible for any costs incurred in making up the session (e.g., for the cost of a standardized patient).

5. Makeup Work
a. To meet the objectives of a missed session, students should review relevant learning materials, answer discussion questions, and consult with their classmates on specific content covered in the session.
b. For sessions with required make-up work, students must complete required make-up work by the assigned deadline, without reminders from course staff or faculty.

6. Petitions for Required Sessions
a. Course directors, administrators, and college leaders may petition for lecture and large group, and other session types not listed as required above, to be identified as mandatory attendance sessions by submitting a proposal for required attendance to the curriculum oversight committee. The course director should provide an educational rationale.