To set expectations and define requirements for student participation and attendance in clinical curriculum activities (clinical integration, clerkships, and clinical electives).


1. General Attendance Policy
a. Attendance and punctuality during all aspects of clinical clerkships and electives are expected and considered an important part of a student’s evaluation. Students, like house staff, are expected to fulfill their educational responsibilities and their patient care responsibilities; they are accorded real roles and form an integral part of the medical team.
b. Expectation of weekend duties or “university holidays” will be at the discretion of the clerkship/elective director.
c. Students with a pattern of attendance that is inconsistent with the principles of this policy will be counseled by a faculty member or dean and may receive a negative professionalism evaluation.
2. Interview Season Policy
a. Students may be allowed up to an average of one day off per week as an excused absence to help accommodate residency interviewing. This excused time off is in addition to the 1 day off per week required by the Carle Illinois College of Medicine duty hours policy. It is recommended that M-4 students arrange as many interviews as possible when they do not have college of medicine activities scheduled.
b. For core rotations (e.g. acting internships), the student may not miss the first day of the rotation because attendance at orientation is required.
c. Students are required to sit for examinations at regularly scheduled times.
3. Vacation Policy
a. Vacation may not be taken during the scheduled time for the Phase 3 Gateway OSCE.
b. Vacation may not be scheduled during April or May of the fourth year.
c. Students have ten weeks of blocked vacation time during Phase 3 (as defined in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s “Definitions Statement”) of the curriculum.
4. Inclement Weather/Emergency Policy
a. University closures will not impact students on clinical rotations at area hospitals or physician offices. If you are working at a private practice office you should call to confirm that the office is open.
b. During an emergency, your safety is the college’s highest concern. If you live within walking distance of your site or if you can travel via public transit, you are expected to report to your site.
c. If travel to the site would be dangerous, please let your clerkship director and team know that you cannot safely travel to the site (you will not be penalized for this decision as long as you cannot get to the site by public transportation). You will be expected to make-up the day/night if you are on call.


1. Absence Requests
a. Planned absences from clinical experiences must be made in advance in writing to the clerkship/elective director and director of student affairs.
b. Documentation of circumstances necessitating the absence may be requested.
c. Examples of circumstances for which absences are often approved include:
i. Illness of a student, significant other, or immediate family member
ii. Funeral of a family member
iii. Student appointment with a health care professional
iv. Religious holiday
v. Presentation at a conference
vi. Student’s wedding, or wedding of an immediate family member
vii. Court date
viii. Residency interview
ix. Student representation on a Carle Illinois College Committee
2. Minimum Request Requirements
a. For clinical skills sessions involving real or standardized patients, a request for a discretionary absence must be received a minimum of one week before the scheduled session.