Carle Illinois College of Medicine seeks to promote a culture of integrative health and wellness among its students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, Carle Illinois will develop a proactive approach to address topics related to wellness including, but not limited to, work-life balance and physician burn-out.


There are a wide range of health, counseling and wellness resources available to students enrolled in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine.


McKinley Health Center. The McKinley Health Center is the primary care provider to the students at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. The Health Service Fee, which is paid as part of enrollment, provides the funds to prepay many of students’ health needs and low-cost options for many other services. McKinley Health Center complies with all rules and regulations governing the confidentiality of patient medical records in any medium, as well as with the standards established by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC). No information from the student’s health record may be shared with any entity (including Carle Illinois) without the student’s written request.
McKinley provides most students’ non-emergency health care. Emergency care is provided by area hospitals. If a student has an emergency, a call should be placed to 911 (9-911 from a campus phone). Carle Foundation Hospital or Presence Covenant Medical Center have emergency departments and ambulance service.
Services provided by McKinley include:

  • 24 hour Dial-A-Nurse service (217) 333-2700 – Students may speak with a health care professional to coordinate health care needs.
  • Visits with a Primary Care Provider – There are full-time physicians available.
  • Pharmacy service – Many medications are offered at low cost or no cost to the student.
  • Mental Health counseling and treatment services are available to the student.
  • Travel exams and inoculations are available to the student.
  • Women’s Health Clinic services are available to the student.
  • Health Resource Centers provide over-the-counter self-care supplies at no additional charge.
  • Health Information is available from the Health Education Unit.


The Counseling Center

The Health Service Fee assessed to all students supports the Counseling Center, which is committed to providing a range of services intended to help students develop improved coping skills to address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns. The Counseling Center provides individual, couples, and group counseling. The Counseling Center offers primarily short-term counseling, but does provide referrals to the community when students could benefit from longer term services.
The Counseling Center understands that health care information, including counseling appointments, is personal and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of this information and providing information regarding its privacy practices. Information about appointments at the Counseling Center is confidential and cannot be disclosed to others I (including CICOM) without the student’s written consent. Any recorded information about appointments at the Counseling Center will not be part of your academic record. The Counseling Center complies with state and federal laws regulating confidentiality as well as professional ethical codes. However, there are some exceptions to confidentiality, typically involving imminent risk of self-harm or risk of harm or abuse of others. For information on the limits of confidentiality, please the review Counseling Center’s confidentiality policy as posted on the website. More information about confidentiality rights and the Counseling Center’s privacy policies can be found in its NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES, which students receive at their initial appointment. Any questions or concerns about the Counseling Center’s confidentiality policies may be
directed to the Therapeutic Services Coordinator at 217-333-3704. The Privacy Office is also available to address questions regarding privacy rights. The Counseling Center has policies that ensure all complaints are handled in a professional and ethical manner.
The Wellness Center. The University of Illinois’s Wellness Center (UIWC) endeavors to empower the Illinois community to incorporate healthful practices into their lives and to create a culture of wellness that supports healthy living, personal growth, and enhanced quality of life. Its goal is to help students, faculty, and staff attain successful and fulfilling studies, work and life. The UI Wellness Center serves the campus community by providing:

  • A growing body of life-enhancing programs for faculty, staff, and students.
  • A referral system: The Center is built around a powerful coalition of campus-based partners who provide wellness services. Referrals to a wide variety of services are available through the Center.
  • Please check the UIWC website for more information about the UIWC’s Events, Wellness Partners and Services & Programs.
    Campus Recreation. Campus Recreation provides a welcoming environment with sustainable facilities and programs that inspire the University community to engage in recreation and wellness opportunities. There is a place for everyone at Campus Recreation, their values incorporate innovation, collaboration, leadership, the student experience, and inclusiveness.

Current full-time Carle Illinois students assessed the Student Service Fee are automatically members of the Campus Recreation Center. Students registered for at least six hours (three hours during Summer Sessions) are typically assessed the Student Service Fee which supports Campus Recreation programs.
The Campus Recreation membership affords the student member the following privileges:
1. Access to all recreational sports facilities, including:
Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
o Campus Recreation Center-East (CRCE)
o Ice Arena
2. Privilege of sponsoring up to five guests per day at the daily fee.
3. Eligibility to sponsor one non-university affiliate for Associate membership. 3a. The Associate Member is eligible to purchase a membership for the same duration (fall, spring, or summer) as the student sponsor.
4. Eligibility to participate in programs offered by Campus Recreation.
5. Discounted rates for select programs offered by Campus Recreation.
Student should visit the Campus Recreation website to receive additional information and to learn more about programs, facilities, hours of operation, etc.
**Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of the wellness related resources available to students enrolled in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine.