The purpose of this policy is to ascertain, through completion of a criminal background check, the ability of individuals accepted for admission to the college as medical students to become licensed physicians in the future, to enhance the safety and well‐being of patients and to ensure the public’s continuing trust in the medical profession and to comply with Illinois law.



Each matriculant must submit to a criminal background inquiry to include a check of the department of State Police Statewide Sex Offender Database and a fingerprint‐based criminal history records check for violent felony convictions conducted by the department of State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Offers of admission are conditional, pending the matriculant’s submission to, and the college’s review of the results of the background check. Refusal to provide adequate/correct information or to provide consent for the background
check will result in withdrawal of the conditional offer of acceptance.



An individual who is conditionally admitted to the college as a student, pending the college’s consideration of the required criminal history records check and other pre‐requisites.


Processes, Procedures, Guidelines
  1. The office of student affairs will initiate the background check by sending a copy of the signed informed consent to a designated external vendor. Matriculants will communicate directly with the vendor to complete the process. The deadline for submission of a criminal background check is May 31, although an extension may be granted by the college in some circumstances.
  2. A portion of the deposit for admission to Carle Illinois College of Medicine covers the cost of a criminal background check. The remainder of the deposit is applied to the first‐year tuition and the remainder will be refundable until April 30.
  3. Results of the background check will be made available to only those authorized employees or agents of the university who have a need to know the information for college purposes. Results will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the at large admissions committee in consultation with University Legal Counsel. This subcommittee will be appointed annually at the start of the admissions cycle.
  4. The existence of a conviction will not automatically disqualify an individual from official admission to or enrollment in the college. Any decision to reject or accept a matriculant with a conviction is solely at the discretion of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine.
  5. Any discrepancy between the information reported during the application process and information discovered during any background check while the student is enrolled at the college, as well as any new information or incidents that occur or are reported subsequent to the application for admission, may be grounds for rescinding the matriculant’s acceptance to, or for dismissing the student from, the college.