Carle Illinois College of Medicine is committed to maintaining a fair and open process for disciplinary actions and dismissal of students. All students have the right to have due process prior to being subjected to a disciplinary action or being dismissed.


The Student Progress and Promotions Committee (SPPC) is the faculty committee responsible for determining the process for enacting disciplinary actions and dismissals. This committee is also responsible for holding individual student hearings to determine whether to enact a disciplinary action on a student or to dismiss a student.

Disciplinary actions or dismissal may be the result of academic difficulty, professionalism violation(s), or other behavioral issues. Dismissal may also be the result of an inability to meet the technical standards, even with accommodations, though all efforts should be made to avoid this outcome.


The SPPC will make all processes and procedures for disciplinary actions and dismissals available to all students. These processes and procedures will provide students due process, in the form of sufficient notice prior to any hearing, hearings of the SPPC from which any member with a conflict is recused, and opportunities to appeal a decision to the Senate Committee on Student Discipline.

Carle Illinois and the SPPC must follow the published processes and procedures for any disciplinary action or dismissal.