Carle Illinois College of Medicine (Carle Illinois) seeks to maintain a campus environment that is free of the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs and in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. Hospitals, health care systems and clinical training sites critical to the student’s medical education may have policies requiring drug testing.



Carle Illinois requires a 10-panel, drug test after matriculation. Also, the associate dean for student affairs may require an enrolled student to submit to a drug test at any time “for cause,” based upon:

  • Reasonable suspicion of substance abuse
  • Unauthorized use or possession of alcohol on campus or in a health care setting
  • Use or possession of illicit drugs at any time

“Reasonable suspicion of substance abuse” may be based upon, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Direct observation of the student’s behavior consistent with the use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • A reliable report of illegal drug use provided by a credible source that has been corroborated by the associate dean of student affairs
  • The student is believed to pose a risk to self or others
  • The student is involved in an accident or incident that results in potential harm or actual harm to another person
  • Change in behavior such as absenteeism, tardiness or significant deterioration of performance

Students will be asked to sign a consent form allowing the drug test and the release of test results to those with a need to know under this policy. For example, in the interest of the student, drug test results may be shared with clinical training sites affiliated with Carle Illinois to avoid the need for duplicate drug tests and to assure training sites that the student has complied with their drug testing policies. All drug test results and related information will be treated as confidential, but may be shared in accordance with the student’s consent form and as otherwise required by law.

Students who refuse drug testing will be referred to the office of student affairs for possible sanctions, up to and including dismissal, by the student progress and promotions committee.



Conditional admission to Carle Illinois as a student, pending the college’s consideration of the required criminal history records check, drug screen and other pre-requisites.


Processes, Procedures, Guidelines

Testing at Matriculation
Carle Illinois will provide to each matriculant in their admission packet information about the process to complete the required 10-panel, drug screen. Students who test positive will have the opportunity to provide either a prescription or an explanation for the positive test result. The associate dean of student affairs and the chair of the admissions committee will review each case involving a positive test result and may revoke the student’s acceptance to Carle Illinois.

Testing For Cause
Students who are required to undergo drug testing for cause after enrollment must present to a mutually acceptable, third-party, drug screen vendor that is independent of the university and Carle Illinois’ clinical training affiliates. Students who test positive may be subject to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including dismissal, and may be asked to meet with the student progress and promotions committee for further review and to outline recommendations and accommodations to resolve the issue.