Carle Illinois College of Medicine students are expected to use technology in a professional, ethical, and in a manner consistent with the Carle Illinois mission and vision. Any communication transmitted using University resources, including Wi-Fi, is subject to Illinois Freedom of Information Act and is available to the general public. 

Carle Illinois recognizes social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Slack, etc., and individual web pages or blogs can be effective tools for exchanging information and raising the visibility of the College.


Students are permitted and encouraged to follow University social media accounts and blogs that contribute appropriate content about Carle Illinois and their work.

However, there are rules and guidelines when posting information about the University on both official and individual social media sites, blogs, and other forms of user-generated media.

All students are expected to maintain professionalism when using social media platforms. Carle Illinois intends to help students by clearly defining what is acceptable regarding online professionalism for medical students.


  • Patients and society trust physicians with their health and lives. Anything you post online in a public forum should honor this trust and uphold the professional standards expected of you. You will be judged by your professional reputation throughout your career, and your words, writings, and actions as a medical student should engender confidence by society at large.
  • Patient data, patient identifiers, and other sensitive personal health information can only be transmitted in compliance with HIPAA. In other words, simply removing a patients name does not de-identify the information.
  • Still or video photography may not be used to capture any patient data or patient identifiers (including anatomy lab settings) unless under the direct supervision of a licensed physician for the express purpose of documentation in the official medical record.
  • When in doubt, ask for help. If you are unclear whether or not a post will be contrary to maintaining your online professionalism, contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.


For further information on Carle Illinois student professionalism, please visit this link. To report a violation, use this link.


In addition, Carle Illinois students are expected to:

  • Comply with copyright laws regarding software and information;
  • Maintain utmost respect and confidentiality of patients, faculty and colleagues;
  • Use appropriate and professional language;
  • Report obscene or threatening posts/communication, which is unacceptable conduct on Carle Illinois social media or from faculty, students, staff or affiliates and should be reported to Associate Dean for Student Affairs immediately;
  • Report violations involving possible sexual misconduct including sexual harassment through this website;
  • Report discrimination or harassment through this website.

Revised: 3/4/2020