Pengfei Song (left); Dan Llano. Seated: Qi You.
June 2, 2022

New ultrasound tool measures blood flow, images microvasculature in the brain

  • By Beth Hart

A team that includes two researchers affiliated with the Carle Illinois College of Medicine has developed a technique for producing super-resolution ultrasound images of tissue microvasculature in just a fraction of the time previously needed. Their work could enable future research into the neurovascular mechanisms behind conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. To image microscopic vessels and measure blood flow in the brain, researchers use a tool called ultrasound localization microscopy. It works by using microscopic bubbles […]

Bioengineering student Benjamin Salzberg demonstrates the prototype of the EYES ultrasonic scanning device.
May 5, 2022

Carle Illinois Student Team Develops Wearable Ultrasonic Scanner for Improved ‘Sight’

  • By Beth Hart

A Carle Illinois College of Medicine student team has designed a new assistive device that uses sound-wave technology to empower people with low vision to move safely and independently in their environment. The handheld device uses ultrasound technology to allow people with poor vision to comprehensively scan their environment for obstacles to avoid hazards. The innovation, called EYES, or Enhancing Your Everyday Sight, locates objects as far away as seven feet and then pinpoints the […]

February 23, 2021

Illinois and Mayo Clinic Researchers Awarded $2.2M DoD Grant for Breast Cancer Imaging Study

  • By Cancer Center at Illinois

Four in ten* patients screened for breast cancer are at a higher risk of misdiagnosis due to the presence of dense breast tissue. Traditional mammography cannot reliably diagnose the disease in these patients, sometimes even with the help of supplemental screening. Even with these extra tests, approximately 80% of patients are misdiagnosed with false positives, causing undue distress and financial strain. About 40% of women present with denser breast tissue in the United States; and […]

December 9, 2020

Research to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment Receives $2 Million NCI Grant

  • By Carle Illinois College of Medicine

New ultrasound technology research by a Carle Illinois College of Medicine professor could change how fast breast cancer patients find out if their initial chemotherapy is working. Some breast cancer patients wait months to learn if their tumors are responding to initial chemotherapy, but Michael Oelze’s new research could shorten the wait to a week. Professor Oelze and his Canadian research partners were awarded a $2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to study […]