Zeynep Madak-Erdogan

Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Associate Professor
Biomedical and Translational Sciences
(217) 300-9063
359 E R Madigan Laboratory

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  • B.S. Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey 1998-2002
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois,Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL, USA 2004-2009

Research Interests

  • Role of novel synthetic and natural estrogens on metabolic health of post-menopausal women Keywords: Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Genomic and Non-genomic ER signaling, Genomics, Metabolomics
  • Understanding molecular basis of breast cancer disparities using multi-scale -OMICs analysis Keywords: Health Disparities, Metabolomics, Breast Cancer, African-American Women, Caucasian Women
  • Impact of Estrogen Receptor alpha and kinase signaling cross-talk on development and progression of breast cancer Keywords: Breast cancer, ER signaling, Kinase, Genomics, Endocrine Resistance
  • Integrating -OMICs data from RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and Metabolomics experiments to understand the molecular basis of metabolic syndrome and cancer Keywords: Nutrigenomics, Biomarker development, Transcriptomics, Cistromics, Metabolomics, Obesity, Breast cancer, Personalized medicine

Selected Articles in Journals


  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), Future Research Leader (2017)
  • National Center for Supercomputing Application, Faculty Fellow (2017)
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), Early Career Reviewer Program (2016)
  • Mary Swartz Young Investigator Award, American Society for Nutrition (2016)
  • Arnold O. Beckman Award, UIUC (2015 and 2017)
  • ENDO Early Investigators Award, Endocrine Society (2015)
  • Women in Endocrinology Young Investigator Award (2011)
  • NIEHS, Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Endocrine Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Fellowship (2009-2011)
  • NIEHS, Predoctoral Research Training Program in Endocrine Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Fellowship (2008-2009)

Teaching Honors

  • On List of Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students (2009, 2016 and 2017)

Recent Courses Taught

  • ANSC 525 (FSHN 510) - DNS Impact
  • FSHN 480 (CB 449, CPSC 433, ENVS 480) - Basic Toxicology
  • FSHN 592 - Graduate Internship Experience
  • FSHN 595 - Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer
  • FSHN 595 - Health Disparities in the US
  • FSHN 595 - Nutr Metabolism&Women's Health
  • FSHN 598 - Advanced Special Problems
  • NUTR 510 (ANSC 525, FSHN 510) - Cancer Metabolism