Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

Office of Faculty Affairs & Development

Carle Illinois College of Medicine supports the growth and professional development of all faculty members throughout their careers and acts as a liaison to ensure effective administration within academic departments.




Our Vision

Our goal is for you, as a valued faculty member, to thrive in your academic career.
We accomplish this through advocacy, communication, and education.

What We Offer

Carle Illinois College of Medicine offers a wide range of faculty-development opportunities, each designed to advance your academic career.

Monthly Lunch & Learn Sessions

Faculty engagement and continued learning resources bring us together, encourage collaboration, and growth in our college.

Longitudinal Courses

Teaching Excellence in Academic Medicine, Academic and Healthcare Leadership Development Institute, Building Faculty Competency in Assessment Course

Coaching & Guidance

Providing personalized guidance, support, and feedback to empower faculty in their career growth and trajectory as it relates to appointment, promotion, and tenure.

Faculty Awards & Recognition

CI MED faculty are award winning in their areas of expertise nationally and globally. They are also recognized for their valued contributions to the college.  Learn more.

Research Mentor Program

Our students and faculty are passionate about conducting and publishing clinical and scholarly research that will shape the future of medicine.


  • Research Advancements
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Community Health Improvement
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Improved Patient Care

Our Priorities

By prioritizing advocacycommunication, and education the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development creates an atmosphere in which all faculty members can thrive in their academic pursuits.



We increase opportunities for all faculty members to succeed and find satisfaction in their work. By training, educating, and empowering leaders who promote the development of others, we craft a culture of wellness and inclusivity. We facilitate an environment and infrastructure that promotes excellence and supports your lifelong professional development in instruction, research, skills, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We ensure faculty voices are heard in decision-making processes, and we celebrate excellence across disciplines and pursuits.


The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development is the faculty member’s first resource on issues including appointment, promotion, and tenure preparation, and policy questions. We work closely with individual faculty members and others to resolve their concerns, and we support departmental administrators in carrying out their responsibilities to our faculty.


We work alongside faculty members to strategically establish individual career goals and plans, providing guidance and resources for career growth. CI MED’s evidence-based faculty and leadership development activities include workshops, longitudinal series, coaching, and mentorship. We also offer opportunities to learn and grow through direct, personal interactions with department chairs and faculty colleagues.

Interested in a CI MED Adjunct faculty appointment?

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development
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Director of Faculty Development 
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