AfterWards is a narrative medicine and arts-in-medicine program that seeks to encourage reflective practice, promote healing, nurture empathy, and build community through storytelling, literature, film, music, art, and writing. We are a group of students interested in studying and experiencing how the arts and the humanities play a role in medicine.
Our organization will be an American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) student chapter, with the goal to promote and foster neurosurgery interest among the students at Carle Illinois College of Medicine.
To organize students interested in, or currently pursuing the MD-PhD pathway at Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Open to students that obtained their PhD prior to attending Carle as well! We plan to host a journal club to discuss research conducted by students in the MSP at Carle Illinois.
To expose medical students to anesthesiology via mentoring, networking, and researching opportunities.
To advocate for and raise awareness about Asian and Pacific American health and social issues.
AxisMED is a biomedical pre-incubation program intended to fill the gaps between the university’s academic resources and entrepreneurial accelerators by connecting students with interdisciplinary teams, and the tools necessary to navigate early-stage medical ventures. Current university-based organizations offer incubation programs, grant and seed funding, and IP support to students with existing innovation proposals. AxisMED’s program will strengthen this existing ecosystem by establishing an accessible entry point for students to gain experience in medical entrepreneurship and innovation before pursuing further acceleration.
Campaña de Salud is a free, student-run health fair that is dedicated to providing access to medical services for the Champaign-Urbana community. We exist to narrow the gap between the medically underserved Latino community and healthcare providers.
To facilitate careers in heart related specialties for students at Carle-Illinois by presenting work of students and Carle faculty on the cutting-edge research in the field today.
Our mission is to create a support network for LGBTQ+ identifying and allied medical students. Additionally, we hope to provide education and perspectives on the healthcare-related issues related to LGBTQ+ community so that Carle Illinois College of Medicine students and staff are prepared to provide LGBTQ+ inclusive care to their patients.
The purpose of the CMA-SS is to support and assist medical students so that they can grow in their faith and live out the Catholic Faith in their practice of medicine.
Our mission is to learn and discuss Christian teachings and values in the context of healthcare and medicine, and to serve our surrounding community.
The purpose of this organization is to foster a connection between the biomedical engineering departments and student body at both Purdue and UIUC undergraduates and CICOM medical students for both advise going into medical school and ideation strategies for device creation.
The Carle Illinois Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is a student-run organization whose goals are to introduce students to emergency medicine (EM).
Our mission is to provide interested CIMED students with exposure to the specialty of otolaryngology through a variety of educational opportunities and practical experiences. We hope to aid students in developing their knowledge and exposure to otolaryngology so that they may make better informed decisions regarding their individual career paths.
The Family Medicine Interest group strives to provide personal opportunities to explore the family medicine specialty, foster a community of students with similar aspirations, and cultivate interest in the specialty.
The mission of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine Gaming Club is provide a platform where medical students can connect and destress through games.
Our mission is to encourage medical students to participate in health policy and represent Carle Illinois College of Medicine at the local (Champaign County Medical Society), state (Illinois State Medical Society), and national level (American Medical Association). Through these organizations, medical students can advocate for both the patients they serve and themselves as students and future physicians.
To provide Carle Illinois College of Medicine students with opportunities to learn about and experience internal medicine sub-specialties in order to facilitate members' decisions regarding future careers.
The mission of the Interventional Radiology Interest Group (IRIG) is to collaboratively promote awareness, conduct research, and initiate discussion in the field of interventional radiology.
To promote and appreciate Japanese cultural through awareness, education, medicine, media, cuisine, and traditional arts.
The Latino Medical Student Association exists to unite and empower current and future physicians through service, mentorship, and education to advocate for the improved health of the Hispanic & Latina/o/x community in the United States.
The Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group mission is to 1) create and support a community of medical students who strive to redefine and sustain health and healthcare by treating, reversing, and preventing noncommunicable, chronic disease 2) work with the Urbana-Champaign community to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
MedEd is an inclusive, student-run platform that fosters a network of medical and clinician educators, offering opportunities for hands-on education, mentoring experiences, community outreach, and career development for future clinician educators of all levels.
(1) To encourage students in medical school to develop engineering skills for medical innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as compete in national competitions where medical innovation is a primary goal. (2) To connect our students with medical and engineering innovation opportunities on and off campus.
The mission is to develop competency in Spanish language and cultural awareness with a focus on applications in the medical field.
The Muslim Student Association aims to create a supportive Muslim community for Carle Illinois College of Medicine students from various backgrounds and levels of faith. We strive to educate both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam.
Our mission is to expose students to the field of neurology. We aim to facilitate discussions related to neuroscience topics, learn about career paths in neurology, and connect students with clinical and research mentors.
To promote the field of oncology among medical students, facilitate a greater understanding of how to become and oncologist and what they do, and to encourage translational research in oncology.
The mission of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine Ophthalmology Interest Group is to promote the Ophthalmology profession to Carle Illinois students, to engage the Champaign-Urbana community to improve eye health, and to inspire students to pursue ophthalmologic innovation as future physician innovators.
The Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group at Carle Illinois College of Medicine welcomes all students who have an interest in orthopedic surgery or other musculoskeletal medicine. We are a student-led group in which we provide information, networking opportunities and workshops for students interested in exploring a career in orthopedic surgery. We will offers events throughout the year to improve awareness of the scope of orthopedic surgery, facilitate relationships between and among interested students and faculty, and provide guidance for those interested in building an application for orthopedic residency.
The goal of the Pathology Interest Group is to expose medical students to the diverse opportunities in pathology, to study fundamental histopathology principles and practice, to connect members to exciting research and innovation opportunities, and to support pathology education here at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine.
We are a group of medical students who are interested in pursuing careers in pediatric medicine. We aim to foster interest and passion for pediatric medicine and related subspecialties. We also work to build relationships between medical students and pediatricians to facilitate learning experiences and exposure to pediatric medicine in many forms.
1. Connect Carle Illinois College of Medicine and UIUC affiliated students interested in human rights to the PHR National group. As a satellite of the national organization, we aim to gain perspective outside of the Champaign-Urbana microcosm to better understand human rights issues and how to address them as future physicians. We also hope that knowledge on PHR methods of researching and creating solutions nationally and globally will help us address the problems faced in our local community. 2. Provide a space to discuss human rights issues and be a branching point for projects that seek to address such problems. We are a medical school with an emphasis on engineering and many of us have a research background. This group is interested in PHR research initiatives and how to start some of our own in our community to contribute to larger investigations on human rights issues. 3. Create an asylum clinic. We have a free health clinic in the area that serves the homeless, uninsured and immigrants. We are interested in the possibility of creating an asylum clinic provided there is a need and proper support from our institutions and medical community. Asylum clinics have been hosted by PHR chapters all across the nation and it is our hope we can establish one via Carle Illinois if it would benefit the community. 4. Collaborate with other Carle Illinois groups to provide all types of humanitarian outreach.
The mission of our group is to provide a community for students interested in pursuing a career in plastic and reconstructive surgery (PRS) or in related fields including hand surgery and surgical oncology. The primary goal of our group is to host events which foster education in salient topics in the field, including (but not limited to): autologous breast reconstruction (DIEP and other common flaps), hand anatomy and hand surgery, microsurgery, principles of head and neck reconstruction, aesthetic surgery, burn and trauma care, as well as topics in gender affirmation surgery. As our institution does not have a residency program in PRS, the other goal of our group is to hold events featuring speakers from both our institution and other institutions who can speak to the diversity of careers and research opportunities in PRS.
The Psychiatry interest group at the Carle Illinois college of Medicine aims to encourage and educate medical students into the fascinating field of Psychiatry. We aim to bridge the gap between residents, physicians, and medical students in the Urbana area.
To raise awareness of radiology (both diagnostic and interventional as a specialty choice and engage with faculty including clinicians at Carle and researchers at UIUC.
The goal of our organization is to organize a community of South Asian students, educate the local community about various South Asian cultures, create opportunities to understand and share South Asian cultural identity.
To promote student education in the area of sports medicine.
Supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of under-served communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians.
The mission of Surgery Interest Group is to expose Carle Illinois College of Medicine students to the multi-dimensional field of surgery. The goals of the group is to provide members with career development and the opportunity to learn from various sub-specialties via workshops, lectures, and networking (shadowing/mentoring/research).
To improve patient care by training medical students in the safe and effective use of ultrasound in medicine through education, research, and hands-on experience.
To promote vascular surgery as a career path and to create, connect, and develop relationships with Vascular Surgery Professionals within the Carle community.
The mission of our group is to 1. create an organized space for Carle Illinois College of Medicine students to learn more about the field of Women's Health and 2. educate ourselves on current standards of care, research, and policies that aim to better the lives and health of women.