What is the Engineering + Innovation thread?

The Engineering and Innovation longitudinal curricular thread weaves principles of design, systems thinking and leadership in innovative approaches to solving complex healthcare problems in improving outcomes for patients, communities, and populations.

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What is Health Systems?

 According to the American Medical Association, Health Systems can be described as the understanding of how care is delivered, how health care professionals work together to deliver that care, and how the health system can improve patient care and health care delivery.

Health Systems 8 Core Domains

  1. Patient Experience and Context
  2. Health Care Structure and Process
  3. Health Care Policy, Economics, and Ethics
  4. Value in Health Care
  5. Clinical Informatics and Technology
  6. Health Systems Improvement
  7. Leadership, Interprofessional Education and Collaborations
  8. Population Health/Public Health/Social Determinants of Health

What is Lifespan Health?

The Lifespan Health longitudinal curricular thread focuses on healthy aging, including factors (positive and negative) and age-specific interventions that impact morbidity and mortality as well as influence patients, communities, and populations.

What is the Bioethics and Medical Humanities Thread?

Bioethics is an examination of the ways in which the practice of medicine, medical research, patient rights, science, law, and ethics have informed each other as well as how they are situated with society (via sociological paradigms like symbolic interactionist theory).

Medical Humanities, on the other hand, assesses the relationship between art(the arts), philosophy, and medicine through time. The nexus of these two disciplines provides students with the tools they need to provide empathetic, compassionate, and holistic care to their patients. It also gives them a practical understanding of the legal and/or ethical limits of that care. Thus, they are afforded the opportunity to continue to nurture their humanistic skill set while also anchoring their professional identity formation. 

What is the Social and Structural Determinants of Health Thread?

The Social and Structural Determinants of Health longitudinal curricular thread focuses on the conditions in and under which we are born, grow, work, and exist including social, political, economic, and environmental forces/systems that inform and impact the health of patients, communities, and populations.