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BOT-approved Tuition + Fees

For more information on Board-of-Trustees-approved cost of attendance, please visit: (See the Graduate and Professional information.)


Carle Illinois uses funding from institutional sources and philanthropic support to provide scholarship funding to a limited number of matriculating students to help defray the cost of medical school.

The scholarship subcommittee of the Admissions committee is charged with determining the metrics used to select and award scholarship funding to the incoming class of Carle Illinois students, on an annual basis.

The subcommittee uses a holistic review that looks at various factors. There is not a single defining characteristic that makes someone eligible for scholarships as the guidance and needs of Carle Illinois, Carle Health, and the Champaign-Urbana community changes yearly.

All students are considered for scholarship funding through their AMCAS and Carle Illinois secondary application so long as they complete the Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) using our school code of 001775.

To be eligible for other forms of aid, such as federal financial aid, students must complete the FAFSA as well Additional information regarding the financial aid process is available below.


Tuition and fees are typically approved by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees at their January meeting. The Office of Student Financial Aid uses this information to determine the Cost of Attendance for all Illinois students. Cost of attendance information is available at

This data comes from the 2021-2022 LCME Part I-B Student Financial Aid Questionnaire.

  • Median Medical School Debt of 2022 Indebted Graduates: $117,055
    • Medical school debt includes only actual medical school debt that must be repaid, and excludes funds and students who receive funds exclusively for a future service commitment (i.e., HPSP, NHSC scholarships). Medical school debt also excludes debt resulting from the portion of enrollment attributed to a joint, dual, or combined degree program (i.e., MD-PhD, MD-MBA, and MD-MPH).
  • Median Education Debt of 2022 Indebted Graduates: $101,838
    • Education Debt includes pre-medical education debt, medical school debt, and any other education debt such as debt resulting from the non-MD portion of enrollment attributed to a joint,
      dual, or combined degree program

No, the Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) is the only application required.

No, only student information is required on the FAFSA.

All admitted students are automatically considered for merit scholarships–no application required! To be considered for all other financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA).

Yes. All scholarships offered to incoming students are automatically renewed for a total of four years as long as you remain in good academic standing.

No, institutional loans are not available to students in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Students who file the FAFSA will be considered for Federal Unsubsidized and Grad Plus loan options. Students have the option of securing loans through private sources if additional funding is needed. Additional information is available at

Take advantage of Illinois Human Resources money management resources and Financial Wellness Programming offered through University of Illinois Extension.

No, no additional benefits are offered through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Our medical school program will demand a significant amount of your time. As such, a part time job is strongly discouraged.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine does not offer fixed-rate tuition. As such, students may experience a slight increase in cost over the duration of their studies. Tuition and fees are approved annually by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, typically at their January meeting. For students who have received Carle Illinois scholarships, the Scholarship Committee reserves the right to increase scholarships accordingly.

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