Faculty Course and Clerkship Directors

As a future physician-innovator at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, your engineering-infused training will prepare you to be at the forefront of cutting edge medical innovation with the support of our Medical Education Facilitators.  These world-class educators who will walk hand-in-hand with you during your time at Carle Illinois. As a life-long learner and problem solver, you will be ready to tackle current unknowns in health care head-on.

One facilitator will lead your eight-student cohort providing support as you work through medical cases during your problem-based learning Basic Science integrated with Clinical, Engineering, and Professionalism (BiCEP) sessions. Each facilitator brings a rich background of research, teaching, technology, or medicine. They are committed to training students to become self-learners in the classroom in order to graduate as innovative problem-solvers in medicine. Hear from our Medical Education Facilitators in the video below.

Foundations: Molecules to Populations

Introduction to Clinical Practice


Digestion, Nutrition, and Metabolism

Step 1 Review - Synthesis & Summary

Family Medicine Continuity Clinic

Clerkship Family Medicine

Clerkship Internal Medicine

Clerkship Surgery

Clerkship OB/GYN

Clerkship Pediatrics

Clerkship Neurology

Clerkship Psychiatry

Bioethics & Medical Humanities Thread Director

Engineering & Innovation Thread Director

Health Systems Thread Director

Lifespan Health Thread Director

Social & Structural Determinants of Health Thread Director

Block 1 Director

Block 2 Director

Block 3 Director