Innovation Opportunities

IDEA Projects

Harness your peak creativity through Innovation, Design, Engineering and Analysis (IDEA) projects. You will generate new ideas to improve health care challenges during each clinical clerkship. Then, you’ll work with your research mentor to bring your ideas to life.

Data Science Project

Develop your skills in data science for health care through the Data Science Project. Identify an exciting data-driven question, find data sources to address the question, and access and utilize those data to improve clinical care. You will interact with databases, utilize tools for analyzing clinical or molecular data, and learn about the immense potential of medical data science while familiarizing yourself with the issues of human subjects protection and privacy regulations around data.

Capstone Project

You’ll make creative and efficient use of your fourth year with the capstone project. One of your IDEA projects will be selected as your capstone project and will potentially translate to new approaches, technologies and treatments.

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