General Surgery is an extremely broad area with many exciting innovations under development, particularly in robotics. CI MED students have been excited by many of the potential directions for surgical research and have subdivided this large research area into many subgroups.

Associated Research Group

Student Administrative Leadership

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Pappus Kieta MD (PGY4)
Faculty Mentorship

Carle General Surgery Research Group

The General Surgery Research Group has a very diverse interest among involved students. For this reason, the group has been further divided into several sub-groups, including GI-related Surgery, Trauma and Critical Care, Hand Surgery, and Transplant Surgery Subgroups. These subgroups each have their own mentors and student leadership. Please see the following groups to get involved.

Faculty with interest in this theme


Minimally Invasive Surgery & Burn Surgery
Dr. Neil Mashruwala


Plastic Surgery
Dr. Victor Stams


Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Dr. Allyn Checovich


Colorectal and GI Surgery
Dr. Jonathan Lucking

Breast Surgery
Dr. Anna Higham

Orthopedic Surgery
(Christie Clinic)
Dr. Robert P. Cusick

Orthopedic Surgery
(Christie Clinic)
Dr. Morgan Moon