Carle Illinois defines the learning environment to include any external circumstances influencing a person’s learning. 

This may include physical, cultural, psychological, and social factors, among others.

What Constitutes Mistreatment?

Mistreatment of students, faculty, staff, residents or any member of the Carle Illinois community is disruptive to the learning environment and as such is not tolerated.  Mistreatment includes but is not restricted to: 

  • Discrimination against students, faculty, staff or residents, on any basis, including legally protected classes and the use of microaggressions
  • Harassment against students, faculty, staff, or residents, including physical or verbal abuse, sexual harassment, threats, or public humiliation
  • Exclusion of students from educational activities for non-educational reasons, including not involving students in patient care
  • Requests of personal services from students
  • Failure to disclose a conflict of interest while acting as a supervisor or assessor
  • Retaliation for making an allegation of mistreatment or professionalism

How to report it:

Students, faculty, staff, residents or any member of Carle Illinois community may report mistreatment through a direct report to any senior administrator, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, via end of course or clerkship evaluations, or online at go.illinois.edu/med-mistreatment (which may be anonymous).

For reports related to sexual/gender discrimination, assault or harassment, you may also contact the Illinois Title IX & Disability Office, at titleixcoordinator@illinois.edu or 844.616.7978 or report online at https://wecare.illinois.edu/report/. Any reports of mistreatment will be investigated as soon as possible. 

A detailed path to reporting: 


Download the Reporting Path here.

How We Respond to Mistreatment

With an initial report, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs (or their designee) will first assess the allegation, including its severity or frequency. Based on the assessment, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (or their designee) will refer the case to a Committee on Student Professionalism. The committee will consist of faculty, staff, and students. Students have the right to provide a written response to the professionalism citation for the Committee to review. Disposition may be finalized with the initial meeting or may result in a remediation recommendation. Students will be directed to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for remediation, or to the Student Progress and Promotions Committee for disciplinary action. More details can be found here. 

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