Heart Inlets: Reflections of life and death in the anatomy lab by medical student Valerie Chen

Every year, when a Carle Illinois College of Medicine class completes their anatomy course, they hold a ceremony to honor the donors. Students write poetry or essays, share anatomy-related paintings, and play music. It is attended by the anatomy professor, students, and families of the donors. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the families have not attended recent ceremonies in person, but the art/writing has been printed into a booklet and shared with them.  This essay reflecting […]

I had a gut feeling about Carle Illinois

A little over a year ago I was still waiting to hear from some of the twenty or so med schools I had applied to. I was making lists of pros and cons about the schools I got into and planning trips to visit them again. It was a stressful time, knowing that I had such a big decision to make, but in the end, I had a gut feeling about Carle Illinois. I believe […]

My take on moving from California to the Midwest

Until I moved to Illinois for med school last summer, I had lived in Orange County, California my whole life.

Studying the Medical System in Brazil Opened Our Eyes

It was eye-opening to see the unique healthcare challenges faced in another part of the world.

Heart Inlets

Anatomy lab is arguably the most famous rite of passage in medical school.

Striking a Healthy Balance of Work, Activity and Fun is Key in Med School

I believe it’s absolutely necessary to take care of your own wellness, especially as a medical student.

I Had an Idea to Improve Human Health, and it Won.

I had an idea for health innovation, so I entered a competition and won $10,000 to make it real.

That Time I Delivered a Baby… Just Four Months into Medical School

Four months into medical school, I had an experience I will never forget: I helped deliver a baby.

Pod Squad: A Look At Some Of My Most Meaningful Relationships At Carle Illinois

Though no adjustment is ever easy, finding yourself amongst like-minded individuals can make a somewhat daunting task, like medical school, actually quite enjoyable.

My Experience at the First Carle Illinois Make-a-Thon

Myself and twenty-eight other medical students and citizen scientists gathered to come up with an idea that answers the question, “What if healthy living was as simple as looking in a mirror?”

The day I became a future physician-innovator: My unforgettable admittance story

There is no better way to tell you my admittance story than letting you experience it yourself.

Why learning in a diverse environment is crucial to our success

We can do some great things learning on our own, but when we put our minds together, I believe we can accomplish that which we’ve set out to do.

I got a peek into my future career by being part of an emergency medical simulation.

I’ve been in emergency situations before, but I was never the one responsible for the outcome.

But I’m not an engineer! Why I still applied to an engineering-based medical school

Two-thirds of my classmates are engineers. I’m not one of them.

I just started med school and I’m already seeing patients

Most of my friends in medical school won’t see patients until after their first year. And me, I’m still pinching myself over whether my M1 life is a dream.

Are you ready to become a physician-innovator?