Revolutionizing human health begins with visionary medical education.

We envision a future where, by leveraging engineering and advanced technology, doctors provide more humanistic care for patients. A future where excellent health care is available to everyone who needs it–no matter who they are or where they live.


As the first college of medicine in the world with a curriculum that fuses engineering, medicine and the humanities, we’re creating a truly innovative future. As a Carle Illinois College of Medicine student, you will be among the select few physician-innovators with the tools to truly transform health care.

We are driven by four key qualities that permeate our culture and result in a self-enhancing environment.


We are focused on improving the human condition through compassionate care for patients, society and the world at large.


We are confident in our capacity to prepare board-certified physicians who are also innovators who will revolutionize healthcare delivery.


Change doesn’t just happen. Through a unique blend of unwavering curiosity, determination and a giant leap into new ways of thinking, we challenge the status quo.


We will develop unprecedented solutions to society’s most challenging health care delivery problems by collectively building on each other’s creative ideas.