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We are the first engineering-based medical school, specifically designed to train a new kind of doctor. This ground-breaking approach seamlessly integrates the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s unparalleled assets in engineering, technology and supercomputing with Carle’s nationally recognized, comprehensive healthcare system.

We are a four-year medical school preparing students to become board certified physicians. Our unique engineering-infused curriculum will position graduates to be physician innovators.

We are accepting applications through AMCAS now. Apply now.

All applicants will be required to complete the standard American Medical College Admissions Service (AMCAS) application. After initial screening, secondary applications will be sent to eligible students at no cost. Our innovative, non-traditional secondary application process will consist of a portfolio and video response to questions related to the ethics and values of medicine.

Admissions Committee decision notifications will be made on a rolling basis beginning mid-February of 2018 for the class entering July 2018. We will maintain an admissions waitlist until our class is complete.

All applicants are required to submit letters of evaluation and recommendation through the AMCAS letter service; no outside letters or information will be accepted by the Office of Admissions. Prospective students may submit a maximum of 4 letters of evaluation. The following are acceptable:

  1. A premedical committee report or other composite letter of recommendation from the applicant’s primary college or university.


  1. If the primary college or university does not have a premedical committee, at least 3 individual letters of recommendation on official letterhead: 2 from individual professors with whom the applicant has taken classes or participated in research (at least 1 in STEM-science, technology, engineering or mathematics) and 1 letter from a non-academic individual (e.g. an advisor, a supervisor from a work or volunteer experience).

For now, we will offer only an M.D. degree.

We offer undergraduate medical education. Residencies (graduate medical education) will be sponsored solely by Carle and will be separate from our college of medicine.

Please visit this page to review the suggested experience, courses and labs.

View this page for tuition and fees information.

We will be providing full scholarships for all four years to our first class of 32 students.

Both MCAT and GPA will be used as components in a holistic evaluation of an applicant to ensure they have the appropriate competencies to succeed in our unique curriculum.

While we do not have a minimum MCAT requirement, successful matriculants to medical school typically average a score of 509.

Applicants are welcome to take the MCAT more than one time. If the applicant takes the MCAT three or more times, a new average score will be calculated. Otherwise, we will use your best MCAT score.

No. Due to the unique format of our curriculum we will not accept transfer students.

Carle Illinois is preliminarily accredited by the LCME. We are currently seeking approval from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to offer the Doctor of Medicine (MD). Approval from the HLC is pending and not guaranteed. Additional information about the HLC can be found at Direct specific questions to: