We are the first engineering-based medical school, specifically designed to train a new kind of doctor. This ground-breaking approach seamlessly integrates the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s unparalleled assets in engineering, technology and supercomputing with Carle’s nationally recognized, comprehensive healthcare system.

We are a four-year medical school preparing students to become board certified physicians. Our unique engineering-infused curriculum will position graduates to be physician innovators.

We will be accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year through AMCAS starting June 1, 2019. Deadline for submission of your AMCAS primary application is November 15, 2019.

All applicants will be required to complete the standard American Medical College Admissions Service (AMCAS) application. After initial screening, secondary applications will be sent to eligible students at no cost. Our innovative, non-traditional secondary application process will consist of a portfolio and video response to questions related to the ethics and values of medicine. You can learn more about the secondary application by watching this video.

Admissions Committee decision notifications will be made on a rolling basis. We will participate in the Early Decision Program and those decisions will be announced October 1, 2019. Other offers of admission will begin no earlier than mid-October for the class entering July 2020. We will maintain an admissions waitlist until our class is complete.

All applicants are required to submit letters of evaluation and recommendation through the AMCAS letter service; no outside letters or information will be accepted by the Office of Admissions. Prospective students may submit a maximum of four letters of evaluation. The following are acceptable:

  1. A premedical committee report or other composite letter of recommendation from the applicant’s primary college or university.


  1. If the primary college or university does not have a premedical committee, at least three individual letters of recommendation on official letterhead: two from individual professors with whom the applicant has taken classes or participated in research (it is strongly recommended that at least one recommendation be from someone in STEM-science, technology, engineering or mathematics) and one letter from a non-academic individual (e.g. an advisor, a supervisor from a work or volunteer experience).

For now, we will offer only an M.D. degree.

We offer undergraduate medical education. Residencies (graduate medical education) will be sponsored solely by Carle and will be separate from our college of medicine.

Please visit this page to review the suggested experience, courses and labs.

View this page for tuition and fees information.

We will have scholarships available, which will be determined on an individual basis.

Both MCAT and GPA will be used as components in a holistic evaluation of an applicant to ensure they have the appropriate competencies to succeed in our unique curriculum.

For the MCAT, we require a minimum total score of 498 out of a possible 528 (highest of first two attempts; average of three or more attempts). We do not have a minimum GPA requirement.

Each applicant must submit MCAT scores no later than the final application deadline. MCAT scores will not be accepted if more than three years old in January of the year of expected enrollment.

Applicants are welcome to take the MCAT more than one time. If the applicant takes the MCAT three or more times, a new average score will be calculated. Otherwise, we will use your best MCAT score.

The University of Illinois will maintain the confidentiality of applications and student records as required or permitted by law.

Applicants are not required to disclose sensitive information such as trade secrets, commercial or financial information or information that is of a proprietary, privileged or confidential nature. If confidential information is provided it shall be clearly identified and marked highlighted in yellow with the understanding that the information may be used and disclosed only for evaluation of the application. This restriction does not limit the University’s right to use or disclose data obtained without restriction from any source, including the applicant.

University records are subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and its exemptions. Once a student is admitted, student records are protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

No. Due to the unique format of our curriculum we will not accept transfer students.

Not at this time. All applicants must be citizens of the United States or hold permanent residency status.

Carle Illinois requires applicants to have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or other terminal degree from an accredited US or Canadian college/university prior to matriculation into the MD program. Student applicants who also have completed college or university coursework at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete course-by-course evaluation of the native transcript, degrees, and other relevant documents. We do accept certified English translation of international transcripts through the World Education Service.

Information about arranging a campus visit is being updated. Please check back later. If you have not already done so, please subscribe for prospective student emails to learn more about opportunities in the future.

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine must receive your verified AMCAS application by November 15, 2019. We will invite selected applicants that meet our minimum application requirements to submit secondary applications.

Community College credit is accepted if transferred as equivalent at a four-year institution. No Advanced Placement credit is accepted (unless it is succeeded by higher level courses at a four-year institution).

Regretfully, due to a high volume of requests, we are unable to provide individual pre-application assessment. All applications, which must be submitted through AMCAS, will undergo a thorough, holistic evaluation to ensure that applicants have the appropriate competencies to succeed in our unique curriculum.

Competency in the areas listed here under “suggested courses and labs” will most likely be met through courses taken during your undergraduate education. However, we recognize that there are alternatives to undergraduate coursework that may prepare you for our curriculum. These may include, but are not limited to, overlapping coursework (e.g. substituting Multivariable Calculus with Physical Chemistry), professional experiences, or certificates. To see how the University of Illinois interprets your prior coursework, please refer to Transferology, or speak to the pre-health advisor from your college/university.

Yes, a limited number of applicants will be accepted through early decision. Offers will be sent by October 1.

Questions? Talk to us.