Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s MD/PhD Medical Scholars Program (MSP) is designed to prepare a diverse cadre of physician-scholars to confront the multi-dimensional problems and issues that face medicine and society.  Students in the program will earn the MD degree from Carle Illinois and a PhD from one of the existing PhD programs at UIUC.  Students may pursue graduate study in any discipline offered on campus, including biomedical sciences, engineering, the physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences.


Applying to the Medical Scholars Program

The MSP admits applicants through the MD program.  Interested applicants must apply to the MD program through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and meet the requirements for Carle Illinois.  Applicants will NOT need to designate themselves as MD/PhD applicants in the AMCAS application.  Applicants who receive a secondary application from Carle Illinois will be able to designate interest in the MD/PhD program, but no other materials will be required at that time.

Over the first year of medical school, students will receive advising from the MSP and be able to explore different PhD programs and potential advisors.  Near the end of the first year, interested students will complete an MD/PhD application to be reviewed by an MSP Admissions Sub-Committee.  We expect to select two MSP students per year in coordination with graduate programs.  MSP students can apply for any PhD program at the University of Illinois for admittance.  Graduate work will begin after satisfying requirements for Phase 1 of the curriculum and passing Step I in year 2.



All medical students are responsible for their tuition during the first phase of medical school.  Students accepted into the MSP will be funded by their respective graduate program during their PhD studies.  This includes a stipend and tuition waiver.  Upon completion of the PhD and return to the medical school curriculum, MSP students will receive a Carle Illinois tuition scholarship to complete Phase 2 and Phase 3.  The MSP scholarship can be added to an existing Carle Illinois scholarship with a cap of covering tuition. Students must remain in good standing in both the graduate program and medical school to receive continued funding.  MSP students are expected to pursue external funding support by applying for an F30/F31 grant from the National Institutes of Health, although continuation in the program and funding as described above is not contingent on grant funding success.



James Slauch, PhD
Director of the Medical Scholars Program

Phone: (217) 300-6977