Grainger Engineering Library Information Center College of Medicine Student Lounge

General Rules

Only users with keycard access may enter.  Each person must swipe their keycard each time they enter.

Users must use public entrances and exits. Users must leave the Library at closing and not enter before Library opening times. Violators will lose lounge privileges.

Windows around and in entry doors must remain open and not blocked. Emergency personnel must be able to see into the room.

Users should clean desk tops, furniture, and other equipment. Please clean up small spills. You can ask for cleaning supplies at the Circulation Desk or from a member of staff in the Grainger Administration Area.

Do not bring in additional furniture, equipment, or cleaning supplies without permission.

All Library materials must be checked out to the borrower, even when kept in work spaces. Items with short loan periods (reserves, equipment, computer locks) must be returned when due. Non-circulating items must be kept in the proper location and may not be taken to non-public spaces.

Food and Beverages

Food is permitted but all remaining food items and packaging must be picked up and  removed from the room. Please dispose of all trash in larger garbage cans in public areas of the building.

Notify Grainger staff immediately of larger spills or incidents as soon as possible.

A small microwave and small refrigerator are permitted, but users must clean this equipment on a regular basis. No coffee makers, hot pots or other heat producing equipment.

Please do not bring large amounts of food and drinks through public doors. Arrangements must be made before bringing in large amounts of food.

No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances at any time. Violations will be reported to College administrators.

Users are prohibited from attending or interfering with events without prior invitation nor public announcement.

Building Emergencies

During any building emergency, you must follow Grainger staff and emergency personnel rules. Do not stay in the building when told to evacuate.