Brad Sutton, a professor of bioengineering and a faculty member of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, is one of five Urbana-Champaign faculty members named as University Scholars. The honor recognizes excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

Professor Sutton helped develop the innovative, engineering-driven medical curricula at Carle Illinois. In his research, he develops novel magnetic resonance imaging methods to understand the structure and function of the brain and its age-related changes, including techniques to image blood flow and mechanical properties of the brain and techniques to understand how the brain controls muscles during speech and swallowing.

Begun in 1985, the scholars program recognizes faculty excellence on the three University of Illinois campuses and provides $15,000 to each scholar for each of three years to enhance his or her academic career. The money may be used for travel, equipment, research assistants, books or other purposes. The other Urbana-Champaign faculty members being honored are Brian Allan, a professor of entomology; Antony Augoustakis, a professor and head of classics; Karrie Karahalios, a professor of computer science; and Nadya Mason, a professor of physics.