The Carle Illinois College of Medicine embraces the university’s commitment to creating a diverse and talented community of students, faculty and staff, which is essential to fulfilling its mission and vision. Carle Illinois actively promotes an inclusive environment in which students, faculty and staff can learn, teach, research and serve.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. These commitments are the responsibility of every member of Carle Illinois College of Medicine and are not limited to administrative leaders or those who focus on diversity related matters because of the positions they hold. Diversity is essential to realize the school’s multifaceted mission of educating exceptional physician-innovators to deliver high-value, compassionate health care though transformative solutions developed at the intersection of engineering, science, and medicine. It is also essential to set the example for integrity, compassion, and leadership in health care, education, research, and community service. Further, diversity is fundamental to the school’s ability to attract and retain top talent, achieve innovation and creativity, flourish in a competitive market, maximize the return on our investment in people, and ensure flexibility to thrive.

Diversity at Carle Illinois College of Medicine requires creating and sustaining a community of equity and inclusion in policy, practice, and measurement. The school honors, respects, embraces, and values the unique contributions and perspectives of all employees, patients, students, volunteers, and our local and global communities. Diversity maximizes the school’s potential for innovation, creativity, quality patient care, educational excellence, and service.

For more information on Diversity at Carle Illinois College of Medicine, see the statement on Racism as a Health Crisis.