CI MED students demonstrate new capabilities of hyperfidelity Augmented Reality applications

November 22, 2022
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Carle Illinois College of Medicine students are demonstrating new capabilities of hyperfidelity Augmented Reality applications in clinical diagnostic and therapeutic training. The CI MED students performed the holographic clinical simulation with an asthmatic patient,  viewed the impact on the lung, and conducted a debrief. 

"XR technologies will definitely be an important driver of where medicine and telemedicine are heading in the future. Let’s build that future together!"  Mark Cohen, dean of Carle Illinois College of Medicine, said. 

The simulations were run by Cohen and Roberto Galvez, a teaching assistant professor at CI MED. Cohen even ran one of the sessions from 9000 miles away while in Singapore -- he can be seen as an avatar at the 4:40 mark.

CI MED collaborated with GIGXR and ANIMA RES - 3d medical animation / AR / MR / VR who provided the immersive educational content, along with Microsoft who provided the Hololens 2 headset technology.  Dean Cohen shared his thoughts in a keynote at IEEE/ ACM, Association for Computing Machinery CHASE in Washington DC in November 2022 and used the video in this article. 

More details on the steps viewed in the holographic clinical simulation can be found here