Cross-Cutting Research Themes

Advancing human health begins with research.

“The primary task of the Office of Research and Innovation is to enable the College’s vision of creating a new generation of compassionate and skilled physician innovators. Our team is building innovation and research platforms that enable faculty and students to tackle the unmet patient and community health needs through human-centered design thinking, medical technologies, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to prepare our students to become tomorrow’s leaders who will contribute to solutions that benefit the communities they serve.”

Issam Moussa, MD

Genetics, Genomics, & Metabolimics

Cutting-edge research in cell and developmental biology includes cancer biology, regenerative biology, neurobiology, chromatin biology, epigenetics, and genomics with clinical applications and perspectives.

Medical Devices, Applications & Healthcare Systems

Students and researchers are continually engineering new technologies for the betterment of the medical field at Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Research into the design, implementation, and impact of such technologies is explored in depth in literature produced by our institution.

Image Analysis & Photonics

Advances in biomedical imaging technology allows care providers to peer deeper into human health, provide earlier diagnoses, and treat disease more effectively. Researchers at Carle Illinois College of Medicine explore advances in radiology, pathology, surgical practice, and imaging physics through world-renowned research institutes at Carle Health and UIUC.

Health Disparities

Achieving equity in health care means eliminating barriers to social and economic resources that negatively impact an individual’s health. Students and faculty are committed to discovering the root causes of health care inequities and exploring solutions to put an end to the inequities currently seen throughout the medical ecosystem.

Public Health/Epidemiology

Research in public health and epidemiology is core to identifying and addressing health needs that affect the community at large. Researchers at Carle Illinois College of Medicine have promoted innovative ways of organizing statistics on health factors to describe problems in the medical field to drive engineering, business, and medical expertise toward solutions to these challenges.

Global Health

Global initiatives seek to find balance in the provision of health care to all those who need treatment. Disparities are intense between high-resource settings and under-resourced settings. Global Health at Carle Illinois College of Medicine seeks to develop new advances in medical technology to provide affordable, efficient health care to all.

Datascience & Machine Learning

By leveraging algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, researchers are discovering new approaches for previously unsolvable issues in diagnosing, treating, and providing care in all fields of medicine.

Robotics & Simulation

Simulated environments and the use of mechanisms that guide or assist practitioners can advance a broad range of medical disciplines, ranging from medical education and systems training to providing direct patient treatment. Carle Illinois College of Medicine promotes advances in surgical practice through assistive robotic technology and development of new simulators for the physicians of the future.

(Virtual & Mixed Reality)

The IUCRC program generates breakthrough research by enabling close and sustained engagement between industry innovators, world-class academic teams, and government agencies.

Health Innovation Professors

Health Innovation Professors are positioned to collaborate with Carle Illinois students, cross-disciplinary scientists, physicians, and other health care providers to pursue new frontiers in health-related research and innovation, creating new opportunities for funding from government agencies, industry, and foundations. These faculty members are positioned to lead pioneer advancements in medical education and the integration of health-related concepts into undergraduate and graduate courses across the UIUC campus.

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