Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson improves Carle Illinois College of Medicine from the grassroots with resources and guidance for students seeking solutions to issues that arise within the CI MED community.  The Ombudsperson is a confidential, unbiased, non-judgmental resource for CI MED students to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns relating to other students, faculty, curriculum, and the College administration.

Responsibilities & Direction

The Ombudsperson works with individuals and/or groups, providing conflict management, mediation, and identification of systemic issues. Through an informal process, the office directs students to resources, guides those struggling with concerns, and supports students in developing a plan for resolution.

  • The Ombudsperson will at times seek policy definitions from CI MED and from the U of I main campus as appropriate.

  • Students may also be directed to speak with specific individuals within the College or offices on the main University campus.

  • If the resolutions/solutions are not satisfactory to the student seeking assistance, they have the option of talking to an appropriate office within Carle Illinois, or on the main campus at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

The Ombudsperson incorporates the principles of independence, neutrality, confidentiality, and informality to build a positive and productive learning environment and overall positive experience for CI MED students.


The Ombudsperson allows students to be heard and improves Carle Illinois College of Medicine from the grassroots. The office is independent of undue influence of any office or standing committee at CI MED, collaborating with all senior leadership along with standing committees as necessary. The Ombudsperson reports directly to the Dean.


The Ombudsperson does not advocate for Carle Illinois College of Medicine, the administration, any standing committee, or the medical student(s). Rather, the Ombudsperson advocates for effective communication, non-judgmental listening, understanding trending topics, consideration of alternative ideas (third alternatives), compromise, and finding solutions through direction.


Contacts remain strictly confidential for those individuals who seek assistance.*

*Unless student permission is granted or required due to the disclosure of specific harm to self or others.


As an informal resource, the Ombudsperson does not participate in adjudicative or administrative procedures but creates an informal bank of information on topics, ideas, and solutions. 

Trending Student Concerns & Solutions

The Ombudsperson focuses on building a positive and productive learning environment by 1) identifying trends in students' topics, issues, and concerns, and 2) offering direction in finding solutions. These trends and solutions may emerge across time and student cohorts.

  • Trending issues identified by students and potential solutions are presented to the Dean for consideration and interpretation.
  • The Dean will consider the information, direct the Ombudsperson to the best next steps for the trending topic(s), and determine if further action is needed.

Questions?  Contact:

Clinical Associate Professor
(217) 840-7783

Office Hours:
By appointment or at the Carle Forum (across from the elevators) on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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