Physicians for Human Rights

1. Connect Carle Illinois College of Medicine and UIUC affiliated students interested in human rights to the PHR National group. As a satellite of the national organization, we aim to gain perspective outside of the Champaign-Urbana microcosm to better understand human rights issues and how to address them as future physicians. We also hope that knowledge on PHR methods of researching and creating solutions nationally and globally will help us address the problems faced in our local community.

2. Provide a space to discuss human rights issues and be a branching point for projects that seek to address such problems. We are a medical school with an emphasis on engineering and many of us have a research background. This group is interested in PHR research initiatives and how to start some of our own in our community to contribute to larger investigations on human rights issues.

3. Create an asylum clinic. We have a free health clinic in the area that serves the homeless, uninsured and immigrants. We are interested in the possibility of creating an asylum clinic provided there is a need and proper support from our institutions and medical community. Asylum clinics have been hosted by PHR chapters all across the nation and it is our hope we can establish one via Carle Illinois if it would benefit the community.

4. Collaborate with other Carle Illinois groups to provide all types of humanitarian outreach.

Faculty Advisors

Ruby Mendenhall, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Democratization of Health Innovation
Dolores Albarracin, Professor of Psychology

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